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How does it work? Plan your service with easy-to-use tools that build worship flows, schedule team members, fine tune details on musical selections from your personalized songs library, attach pertinent files, and maintain communication via your preferred channel. You can relax with because everyone is on the same page!

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The Proof. The Pudding.’s easy-to-use tools and intuitive functionality make quick work of organizing, planning, and scheduling your next service, your next series, or even the upcoming year! Here are the proof and the pudding!

Worship Flow

Worship Flow’s intuitive, drag-and-drop worship flow page allows planning down to the second, if necessary!

  • Include items from the songs library
  • Manage access levels for team(s)
  • Provide element-specific notes for team members
  • Schedule practice(s) on the rehearsals page
  • Create and apply worship flow templates
  • Manage just one worship flow for multiple services
  • Attach files directly to each service
  • Use PDF Builder feature with a tablet/iPad to make a virtual music stand
  • Design and build your stage arrangement with the Virtual Stage tool

People & Scheduling

No doubt, volunteers are the key ingredients to success on Sunday mornings. Using, you can schedule individuals one at a time or entire teams—based on availability and qualifications—with a single drag-and-drop action. Once scheduled, volunteers are notified via email, text, or even Facebook to respond to the “assignment.” This system ensures all individuals involved understand the expectations.

People Scheduling
  • Delegate scheduling authority to ministry team leaders
  • Schedule entire teams, or individuals with a single action
  • Automatically notify team leaders when individuals “accept” or “decline” assignments
  • Automatically remind scheduled volunteers via email or text.
  • Allow team members to self-signup to serve
  • Enable volunteers to easily block out dates based on availability
  • Alert you of schedule conflicts while scheduling
  • Know each volunteer’s serving preference options
  • Easily find subs when someone can't serve
  • Schedule people for multiple services simultaneously
  • Import people from CCB and keep their info in sync.
  • Church Community Builder

Songs Library

Songs Library

Take command of your songs! The song library lets you build, search, filter, share, and report on your songs and their performance histories.

  • Include pertinent information (key, tempo, capo, lyrics, etc.)
  • Attach files, making details accessible to team members
  • Add songs on-the-fly while building a worship flow
  • Build individual and collaborative virtual song books
  • Import songs directly from your CCLI SongSelect™ account
  • Import songs directly from your Rockin With The Cross account
  • Import songs from a CSV file (including last performed date)
  • Link to Spotify, YouTube, and Amazon MP3 references
  • Easily transpose keys for MP3 and text chord charts
  • Filter and search by keyword, theme/category, or life-cycle stage
  • View song performance histories by specified date ranges
  • Browse and copy a list of most popular songs
  • SongSelect
  • Rockin With The Cross
  • Spotify
  • Amazon MP3
  • YouTube

File Storage offers a secure, central location to store and organize files related to songs, services, and teams. Access to those files is managed by the team leader, ensuring authorized volunteers get necessary files to prepare for service.

  • ALL levels come with UNLIMITED file storage
  • Built-in key transposer for MP3 files
  • Audio “stream only” option prevents unwanted downloading and sharing
  • UNLIMITED file attachment to songs ensures proper access to the correct sheet music
  • File Access Report shows downloaded files and file access activity (perhaps to see which musicians are actually practicing before rehearsal!)
  • CCLI Rehearsal license works with’s Rehearsal License Report, showing required numbers to accurately fulfill reporting requirements


Access Mobile offers a mobile version for access via most tablets and smartphones. This streamlined version performs as well as many native apps, and does not require an app download.

Go to or scan the QR Code (graphic) and sign in with your account.

  • Manage worship flow details
  • Sign-up to serve
  • Respond to assignments
  • Access service details
  • Listen to attached or linked audio files
  • Find contact info of fellow team members
  • Access mobile apps

Presentation Options

Proclaim Logo

It is easy to go from worship flow to slides with a couple options at your disposal. Our integration with Proclaim Church Presentation Software makes building your presentation a snap. Or, if you use PowerPoint, slides can be centrally stored with each song in your library, then easily downloaded by your tech team to merge together.

Virtual Sheet Music

OnSong Logo

Replace the sheet music mess of paper and binders with OnSong for your iPad, iPhone, or iPod. By integrating your OnSong app with, you can import the song files you need in just a few seconds. Use OnSong to transpose, annotate, rehearse, and perform your music. It even works with AirTurn wireless foot pedals to flip between songs!

Support & Training

Support Center offers a variety of support options to get you started. If you wish to speak to a real person, give us a call. We are a pretty friendly bunch! Support options include:

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*Other pricing options

pricing options:

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pricing options:

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  • Monthly Fee: $60



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  • UNLIMITED Services
  • UNLIMITED File Storage
*Other pricing options

pricing options:

  • Yearly Fee: $960
    ($80 /mo)
  • Quarterly Fee: $255
    ($85 /mo)
  • Monthly Fee: $90

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